A quick note on my health

Hi everybody,

I’m really grateful to everybody who has joined me for the adventure with Tooth and Blade. Part One is selling well, and I am on track to release Part Two by the end of May. I appreciate all the support the project has received over the last few weeks, especially from reviewers. It has been such a thrill that the serial is finding its readers.

However, I’m afraid that my health over the last few months hasn’t been very good. Things have reached a head this week, to the point where I was facing the return of the chronic illness which plagued me as a teen. Don’t worry, I will recover soon, but I’ve had little choice but to take some proper time off from both my day job and my creative work.

Unfortunately, in the interests of preserving my health, it will be necessary to delay the release of the final installment of Tooth and Blade by a few weeks. It will be released in July. I don’t feel particularly good about this and appreciate that nobody likes to be left hanging. However, the alternative is a heck of a lot worse. I didn’t factor sickness into my plans.

Thanks for understanding. It means a lot to me.


2 thoughts on “A quick note on my health

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your health troubles, Julian. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. We’d love to see you back at another Open Mic when you’re feeling better!
    Best wishes from all of us at Redcliffe Open Mic.

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