Editorial Services

Do you want your story to stand out from the thousands published every day? Do you want to enhance your story’s world-building and sense of authenticity? I’d love to help. Drawing on my experiences as a story-teller, researcher and teacher, I offer freelance editing and historical fact-checking at a competitive rate. I am open to all fiction and non-fiction genres and will take on any project regardless of length. Contact me at jbarrauthor@gmail.com to organise a free 10 minute Zoom consultation meeting and quote.

‘Julian is my go-to editor for all my indie stuff. He combines an uncanny eye for detail with a storyteller’s passion. He always improves my work.’ Mark Stay, author of The Crow Folk and The End of Magic

All prices listed below are in AUD, but invoices would be in your local currency.

0.01 AUD per word

  • Proofreading to correct errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. All changes tracked for your approval.

0.02 AUD per word

  • A brief manuscript assessment (report approx 500 – 1000 words) highlighting strengths and areas to focus on in subsequent drafts. This can be a good place to begin on your first draft, with general feedback on structure, plot, setting and character. Never fear, I’m a big believer in the praise sandwich!
  • Proofreading and copy editing – more substantive minor edits for clarity. All changes tracked for your approval.

0.03 AUD per word

  • All of the above plus developmental editing – Detailed line by line comments on structure, plot, setting and character. I make a point of highlighting areas of strength as well as those which need strengthening.
  • Polishing your synopsis and cover letter to help sell what is truly amazing about your project.

0.04 AUD per word

  • All of the above plus historical fact checking. I will apply my research skills as a PhD in Classics to fact-check the historical accuracy of your book.

For an additional 100 AUD, I will offer a 1-hour verbal debrief on my feedback and will help you brainstorm ideas on your work, with specific guidance on how to get your work ready for publication. My approach is honest but compassionate and encouraging, to help bring the best out of your words.

If you would like me to edit your work, please email me below to organise a 10 minute Zoom meeting! My door is always open.